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My second year of B.Eng. Software Engineering

It was only a few days ago, that I walked out of my last exam, not actually realizing at the time that another year of school had went by. It was a weird feeling,...

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The Complete List of ASCII Characters

Recently I have been starting to use ASCII tables a lot for various projects and I never really felt satisfied with what I found online. So I thought that this w...

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My first year of B.Eng. Software Engineering

As the title specifies, I recently finished my first year of the B.Eng. degree in Software Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, and boy has that be...

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Arch Linux & The Aspect of Ricing

I have always wanted to make a post regarding Linux and ricing in general, so I thought it would be a nice way to start the year with my first blog post being abo...

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Welcome to my website. On this site I'll be writing about the challenges I face in the tech-industry both as a student and as an engineer. It's also a great way f...

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