In September of 2018 I was interviewing at Netcompany for a software engineering internship position in one of their application development teams. This happened after I sent a written application together with my resume and grades to one of their recruiters.

Netcompany is well known in Denmark for their high quality software development work as well as their passionate and skilled consultants. It’s very rare to find a person working in the IT industry who has not heard about them.

Prior to reaching out to Netcompany, I’ve been attending a few of their many events, mainly to get an insight into who they are, which kind of people work there and most importantly how they execute their work and where their focus is at.

The impression that I got of the company from attending those events have been positive. I could see myself work in this exact environment and feel comfortable at the same time. Therefore I decided to try my luck with getting out to them, to see if I would be a match for their culture. I polished my resume, got my grades ready and wrote an application letter and sent it away to their recruiter.

Some time later I was contacted by a recruiter and invited for an interview at their headquarters in Copenhagen. The most important thing to say from here on is that the interview went well, handshakes were had and a contract was signed.

This means that, at the 1st of February 2019, I’m starting my first internship at Netcompany as a Software Engineering Intern and I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. I’m going to be working with and side by side industry experts, trying to consume as much knowledge as I can to improve my skillset. I’m looking forward to meet new people, create new friendships and expand my network even further.