Cross-platform mobile application and backend system for browsing and attending social events

EventLink is a distributed event management system created with modern technologies. It was developed for a bachelor’s thesis which can be found here. The idea behind EventLink is for it to be the one and only mobile application needed to browse and attend events such as concerts, festivities, local gatherings and more. This is made possible by crawling or fetching event information from various sources, transforming the data and storing it in a database.

The system is able to synchronize with the users’ calendar, such that the user is presented with an overview of their upcoming agenda including the events they are to attend. Additionally, synchronization with social media is supported such that events from those will be displayed in the agenda as well. Other features include attending and favoring events, viewing and adding friends etc.

The project consists of a cross-platform mobile application built using Flutter for Android and iOS as well as a backend system.

The backend system is made of five different services:

  • An API service built using GraphQL and .NET for retrieving event information and other actions.
  • An Authentication service built using .NET and a RESTful API for authenticating users and sessions.
  • A Crawler service created using C# for gathering and parsing event information.
  • A DataAccess service creating using MongoDB for storing event, user and logging information.
  • A Logging service created for extensive logging of the system.

More in-depth information about the project can be found in the README of its source repository.