An innovative cross-platform mobile application and backend system for discovering and attending social events

EventLink is a distributed event management system crafted with modern technologies. Originally developed as part of a bachelor’s thesis, which you can explore here, EventLink is designed to revolutionize the way users discover and engage with events.

The vision for EventLink is to serve as the ultimate mobile application for browsing and participating in a wide array of events, ranging from concerts to local gatherings. This ambition is realized through the system’s ability to aggregate event data from diverse sources, process it, and store it in a centralized database.

Key features of EventLink include seamless synchronization with users’ calendars, providing them with a comprehensive overview of their upcoming agenda, including scheduled events. Moreover, integration with social media platforms ensures that users’ social events are seamlessly incorporated into their schedules. Additional functionalities include event attendance and favoriting, as well as friend management features.

The project comprises a cross-platform mobile application developed using Flutter for Android and iOS platforms, alongside a robust backend system.

The backend architecture comprises five distinct services:

  • An API service, leveraging GraphQL and .NET, facilitating event retrieval and other operations.

  • An Authentication service, built on .NET and a RESTful API, ensuring secure user authentication and session management.

  • A Crawler service, implemented in C#, responsible for gathering and parsing event data from various sources.

  • A DataAccess service, powered by MongoDB, storing event, user, and logging information efficiently.

  • A Logging service, ensuring comprehensive system monitoring and logging capabilities.

For more detailed information about the project, please refer to the README file in the linked source repository.